Website Maintenance

Anything that is once created needs to be looked after. The same goes with a website that you get made for your business to create brand awareness and conversions. With time, even your website needs an upgrade. Neglecting can often result in low traffic on your website and even a chance of hacking may arise if software and content upgrades aren’t made regularly.

Our Web Maintenance Services Include

Minor Website Changes

Enterprises who are desirous of minor changes to their existing websites will find the solutions as conceived by DS appropriate, affordable and effective.

Server Management

Server Management requires constant monitoring and engagement with the hosts, and is best left to the experienced enterprises like DS, who provide efficient and affordable services towards your business.

Database Management

DBMS is one of the prime contents of today’s website content. Assure yourself of efficient and accurate Data Base Management with the proficient services of DS.

Customer Support

DS strives to provide near 24/7 customer support, with prompt and efficient reactions and feedback to ensure that the Customer is satisfied, since customer satisfaction is foremost with DS.

Domain Management

The choice of the domain host, determining the key elements that ensure the efficiency with which your face to the world, your website function are all inter-related and key to the Customer’s reputation in the internet and is best handled by DS with its experience and expertise.

Content Management

The Content that is carried on your website provides the same with impetus in website ranking and its utility. The quality of the content will go a long way to promote your website’s ranking and popularity. DS will help you create appropriate content, that provides the necessary elements to achieve the desired results.